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Sauna Area

more than 1.000m²

  • Finnish Sauna - healthy sweating at 90°C
    Experienced sauna users truly love the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna. Affusions with herbal extracts stimulate the circulatory system, aid the detoxification process, benefiting both the skin and the inner organs.

  • Pine Sauna - Fragrance of pine at a pleasant 60°C
    The patricians of ancient Rome valued the outstanding cleansing and detoxifying effects of a "sweat bath" utilizing pure radiant heat.

  • Steam Bath - mild sauna enjoyment at 40-50°C
    Optimal for care of the hair and skin, respiratory organs and in detoxification.

  • Quartz Grotto: Laconium & salt water steam bath

  • Stimulating cool-down:
    find refreshment in our original showers, in the immersion pool or in the "Cold-Air Garden".

  • Tanning Studio - for a gentle all-over tan

  • Quiet Room "Blumenhäusl" with infrared light
    After a steam bath or a sauna session, it is enormously important to give the body a little time to recover. Which is why we have invested a lot of time and love into our Quiet Room, also the site of a massage chair. Getting a lot to drink is the be-all and end-all  of the spa world, we all are aware of that!
    Located in the Cold-Air Garden is a fountain with healthy "Grander Waters".