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Rest, energy, power...

  • Classic Massages
    • Full-body Massage or
    • Partial Massage
      The whole body is massaged using classic massage techniques, bringing about deep relaxation and promoting blood flow.
    • Foot Reflexology MassageThousands of strands of nerves connect the inner organs with skin zones on the feet. During this massage, the reflexology zones are massaged in order to stimulate and positively affect the related organs, muscles and joints.
    • Lymph Drainage
      Through lymph drainage, the body's lymphatic system is activated.  A technique employed e.g. after operations and in treating edema. Also serves to detoxify and remove metabolic waste from the body.

  • Exotic Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage -Sassi dei Vulcano
      During this healing massage used by the native Indians of Arizona, the entire body is first massaged with essential oils, after which hot lava rocks are placed on the body's energy centers, resulting in the heat from the stones being transferred to the entire body and in a deep loosening of the musculature. Then, hot and cold stones are alternated, which stimulates the metabolism. This treatment gives us renewed energy and freshness - for an all-round sense of wellbeing!
  • Special Massage
    • Zillertal Honey Massage
      By means of a tapping massage technique on the back and joints, the honey is worked deep into connective tissue.  The process also activates the reflexology zones, further enhancing the overall benefits of the honey massage. In addition, the various organ systems, neural, blood and lymph pathways achieve renewed vitality.
  • Magnetic-field Therapy
    • for therapeutic treatments
      strengthens the immune system, aids in dealing with infection and metabolically-based allergies, improvement of bone and cartilage structure in dealing with ailments of the locomotor apparatus, neck and muscle strains and sprains.
    • as a preventative treatment
      such as heightened oxygen supply to the cells, improved cellular metabolism and detoxification, regeneration and anti-stress effects, stabilization of the circulatory system and improvement in blood circulation. As a consequence, weakened cells are reactivated, oxygen uptake is improved, speed of blood flow increases, nutrients are processed more efficiently, toxins are more readily broken down.
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