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Cool kids' program

Kids club in Family Hotel Seetal

Gerda, our fairy godmother for kids , turns every day of your vacation into a very special experience for your tots & kids!

In summer they'll receive exceptional childcare services from us, for 60 hours a week (in summer) and 48 hours (in winter).

Which means, your kids are in the best of hands as they enjoy ...

  • Play in our 20.000m² adventure park
  • Climbing on our 8m tower
  • New since summer: kids swim area
  • Pizza and bread baking 
  • Visit our farm
  • Feed our animals in the petting zoo
  • Pony riding
  • T-Shirt painting
  • Crafts and painting
  • Swimming olympics
  • Fairytale hour, Make up party
  • Exploring nature - "Survival Days"
  • Creating figures out of hay 
  • "Mini Playback Show"
  • Board-game afternoons and much more
  • Flemish-speaking childcare 2-3 times a week in July and August!

SUMMERHIGHLIGHTS especially for kids and tots:

  • Swimming fun in the adventure pond with a warm lagoon & water slide
  • Family hike
  • Mini-golf tournaments
  • Skills' Olympics in our adventure Park
  • Stilt-walking, Go Carts, trampolin
  • ...

Fun theme days provide the framework for our weekly program in summer!


This way to our in- and outside play areas.

Teenager Program in Family Hotel Seetal, Zillertal

On your marks, set, GO...into a fantastic ADVENTURE!

The legendary SEETAL ACTION DAYS for our Kids & Teens - with trained youth activity staff twice a week during the summer months. Speaks for itself, right?

  • Action packed Rafting on the river
  • Awesome Canyoning
  • Visit the unique high-ropes course
  • Mountain-bike tour "over hill and dale"
  • Fixed rope route
  • Take the Zillertal railway to the amusement park in Zell
  • Grillin' & Chillin' on the Gerlos Reservoir incl. a campfire
  • ARENA COASTER - sledding fun of a very different kind
  • Picnic for the day tours are included.

Outdoor in the 20.000m² Seetal adventure park

  • Climbing to dizzying heights on our climbing tower
  • Swimming fun at the Seetal adventure pond with its warm lagoon
  • New outdoor swimming pool
  • Cool campfire station in the stone house
  • Table tennis, Volleyball, Soccer
  • Gym for teens 16 and older


  • PlayStation incl. Sing Star
  • Billiard
  • Table tennis
  • Table soccer
  • Gambling machine
  • Card games

Kids and teens need to be pampered too - Wellness & Beauty Packages.

  • Youth program in the Zillertal
  • Youth program in the Zillertal
  • Kids' Paradise in the Zillertal
  • Kids & Teens in the Zillertal
  • Playing in the Adventure Park in Kaltenbach
  • Children's program in Seetal, Zillertal
  • Fun & Games in the Zillertal
  • Big Adventure Park in the Zillertal
  • Childcare amid the Nature of the Zillertal
  • Pizza-baking in the Zillertal
  • Crafts at the Seetal, Zillertal
  • Kids' Olympics in the Zillertal
  • Kids' Program in the Zillertal